Air Filters and Filtration Systems in San Diego

Interesting Fact: Delhi, India is considered the most polluted city in the world with some of the worst air quality.

Interesting Fact: Actresses Julianne Moore, Blythe Danner, and Jessica Capshaw serve on the leadership circle for Mom’s Clean Air Force, an organization that is devoted to creating a cleaner future for the new generations to come.

What health problems can bad air quality cause?

Bad air quality can result in a wide variety of problems.  Eye and throat irritation are two results of indoor air pollution.  The pollutants in the San Diego air can make it difficult to breathe and cause serious respiratory issues. Asthma attacks are one respiratory issue that is often associated with bad air quality.   It’s important to ensure that your air filter is functioning correctly, and that the filter is clean, as well as installing a filtration system to remove dangerous chemicals and mold.

Who does bad air quality affect the most?

Everyone can suffer from poor air quality.  However, individuals who have respiratory problems are majorly affected by bad air quality.  If someone already has difficulty breathing, then air pollution could potentially be very hazardous to them. This can include infants and children, the elderly, and anyone prone to serious allergies, respiratory infections or other breathing problems. People in this category will benefit the most from a new air filter, or filtration system.

What is in our air that can be bad for our health?

Bad air quality can lower the quality of life for all individuals, especially those with respiratory problems.  But what makes the air bad?  Dust and pollutants are always found in the air, especially in large cities.  Exhaust fumes and higher energy consumption results in a higher level of pollution and air toxins.  Living in a less crowded area can be beneficial if you're struggling with bad air quality.  Keeping the proper equipment, such as a filter or air filtration system, in your home is also a great way to reduce the overall effects.  

How can a home air filtration system protect my family from bad air quality?

Installing an air filtration system is the best way to improve the air quality of your home.  Consult with one of the San Diego professionals at A+ Services to find a filter that will work well in your home.  Also, make sure to change the air filter on your air conditioning unit, as that can trap dust and pollutants inside your air vents.  

What are the different types of air filtration systems?

There are a variety of different air filtration systems that can be used to clear the air in your home.  Some of them use UVA lighting technology to get rid of dust, pollutants, chemicals, and mold out of the air.   They can even help with lung irritants, such as ozone.  Filters can also be used to trap particles of dust and dirt, eliminating it from coming out into your air supply.

How do I know which air filtration system is right for my home?

This is something that a professional will be able to answer for you.  Like air filters, there is a variety of different air filtration system and you need to select one that will work with the energy output of your home.  Making sure that it is also capable of handling all the air in your home is also an important factor; you don't want a unit that is small and connot filter properly.  The professionals at A+ Services in San Diego can help you decide which option is best for your home.

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