Air Conditioner Repairs & Summer Maintenance in San Diego

Interesting Fact: San Diego receives warm winds called, “The Santa Ana Winds” These winds can reach up to 100 mph inland.
Interesting Fact: During the months of May and June, thin layers of clouds hang over San Diego; many call it “May Gray” and “June Gloom”

What maintenance should be done in order for my home to be ready this summer?

Ensuring that your home is in working order for the summer often relates back to air conditioning.  Making sure that your air conditioner is in proper repair will help eliminate unnecessary power costs.  Changing your air filter and scheduling a maintenance check will ensure that your unit is functioning to its full capacity.  Keeping your home properly sealed will also help keep the air inside of your home and eliminate wasteful use.  Perform any maintenance or repairs that your San Diego air conditioning professional from A+ Services requests in order to maintain long term efficiency.  

How can I make sure my AC is working properly?

Making sure that your air conditioning unit is working properly is often an overlooked maintenance step.  However, keeping consistent practices will help ensure that your unit is functioning to its full capabilities and that your repair costs will stay as low as possible.  Making sure to get routine inspections can help prevent large damage to your AC unit.  Basic maintenance like changing your air filter will also prevent debris from building up and freezing your unit.  

How do I know if I need to replace my AC?

Age is a major factor on efficiency.  Older units lose capacity and it might be a good idea to invest in a new unit, especially if repairs need to be done.  The older the unit, the less efficient they are; some of them might be costing individuals a lot of money just to run them.  Generally, if an air conditioning unit is not working, don't repair it, replace it.  Have a San Diego professional come inspect your unit in order to give you an accurate idea of what maintenance you will need.  

Why do I need an air filtration system in my home?

Air filtration systems are a great investment, especially if someone in your family suffers from allergies or asthma.  A high quality air filtration system, rather than just an air conditioner filter, helps to decrease the amount of pollutants and dirt that circulate through your home.  A high quality air filter catches these particles and stops them from continuing to infiltrate the air in your home.  Maintenance like changing the air filter regularly will ensure that it is always working as efficiently as possible.  

How can I make my home energy efficient?

As the cost of energy and power continues to increase, individuals in San Diego are constantly looking for ways to reduce or eliminate costs.  Installing energy efficient appliances are great ways to reduce the amount of money spent on monthly bills.  Newer air conditioning and furnace models are designed to be as energy efficient as possible.  Air is turned over quickly, allowing owners to run their units for less overall money.  Maintenance like keeping your filter clean and updated is also a great way to keep your unit running to its full capacity.  The less efficiently your air conditioning is running, the more money you’ll end up spending on your repair bills later.  

Should I install a ceiling fan in my home?

Yes.  Ceiling fans and proper blind maintenance can all help to improve the overall comfort of your home.  Ceiling fans help with air circulation and keep rooms well balanced.  They are much more energy efficient, so utilizing them to eliminate some of the use of your air conditioning will save you a lot of money in the long run.  



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