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Old Furnaces in San Diego - Should I Repair or Replace? 

How do you know if your San Diego furnace needs repairs, or to be replaced?

With many things in life they simply either work or they don’t.  It’s either black or white with no grey area.  Unfortunately, this isn’t the case in knowing if a furnace needs repairs or needs to be replaced.  However there are signs to look for when deciding if it’s time to look at a new unit.

The first thing to check is how old the unit is.  The average life expectancy for a furnace is 20 to 30 years.  If your San Diego furnace is 15 years old or older and needs repair, it might be time to look at replacing it.  Age isn’t the only issue as there are other factors to evaluate before replacing an appliance.

If your furnace is regularly needing repairs, then obviously that is a clear sign replacement might be the best option.  Try having a trained professional evaluate which parts have been replaced and try to estimate what could need replacing in the immediate future.  This could make the decision simpler.

The next step is to evaluate your energy bills.  Look at how much gas is being used compared to previous years.  Don’t look at the bill total, as that can be extremely misleading.  Everyone knows that gas prices can fluctuate and will usually rise over time.  That means comparing what you spent can make it appear as though your furnace isn’t working properly.  Instead use the usage rate as a gage, as it is a much more consistent way to measure how much fuel your model is using.  Most San Diego bills also include an average temperature for the month which should also be included in the evaluation.  If your furnace appears to be steadily increasing how much it’s using, then it’s definitely time to find a new one, or repair the existing one if necessary.

A repair or replacing your furnace can actually save money over time on heating bills

If the usage appears to be pretty stable, the next thing to look at is how evenly the temperature inside your San Diego home is.  If certain rooms are much cooler than others it could be the furnace isn’t putting out the power necessary.  Before using this as a determining factor, there are other things that could cause this as well.  The other major cause of uneven heating is clogged ducts.  Regular duct cleaning and repairs should be done about every six months.  This will help determine if uneven heating is from the furnace or clogged ducts and save will also save you money at the same time.

Listening to your furnace can also tell you a lot about its condition as well.  If it is cycling on and off more frequently than in the past, there may be something wrong internally that needs repair.  Also listen for rattles, buzzes, hums, or vibrations that are louder than they should be.  If you aren’t sure how loud a furnace should be, listen when you visit other houses to compare.

There are a few other little signs that can tip you off that the furnace needs a repair.  Watch for dust and soot coming through your vents.  Also, if your home is having humidity problems.

All of these are signs that a furnace might need to be repaired or replaced.  If you are thinking that it’s time to look at a replacement, it’s best to consult with a certified and experienced San Diego professional.