Affordable Heating  
and Cooling Maintenance &
Repair Services in San Diego

Affordable HVAC Technician Services

Having bad air quality in your San Diego home can lead to a variety of problems ranging from health issues to damaging your air conditioner, or furnace. Learn how the technicians at A+ Heating and Cooling services can help you select, install and perform affordable maintenance and repairs on the perfect air filtration system for your California home.

Affordable AC Maintenance & Repair

Is your AC ready for the California Summer? After turning off your furnace, getting affordable maintenance or repair services on your cooling system before the temperature rises will save you money on your energy bill. Find out from our technicians what it takes to keep your air conditioner running smoothly before the San Diego summer heat sets in.

Affordable Home Repair Services

Does your California home need repairs that includes cooling work? What about affordable renovations to an older home? A comfort technician can help make some of the toughest parts of your project much safer and prevent costly maintenance down the road.

Why Choose A+ Heating and Cooling Services in San Diego?

FREE Estimate: Free estimates on HVAC system replacements and add ons. 

Waive the Service Fee!: Once our technicians complete repairs on the Air Conditioner or Furnace in your home, we are happy to waive the service fee for you.

Upfront Pricing: Know the affordable price before we do the work without having to worry about hidden fees and hourly rates. 

Professional A+ Service: Our HVAC technicians are highly trained to provide excellent customer service and outstanding heating and cooling repairs and maintenance.

Low Cost: Our pricing is affordable for everyone.  We provide senior and military discounts to those who qualify. 

Patience: Our technicians will take the necessary time to listen and communicate with you so that you are better equipped to make air conditioning and furnace repair or maintenance decisions.

Advice: We will give you the information that you need to determine what the best solution is for your heating and cooling system needs.

Satisfaction Guaranteed! Nothings beats A+

Affordable Furnace Repair Service

Is your furnace aging? Do you know how to tell if your furnace needs repairs, or if it's time for a replacement? These simple tricks will help you know what you need to tell the technician to get your heating back on track.

Our Mission

At A+ our technicians mission is to maintain the highest standards in the fields of Heating and Cooling repairs, and provide comfort, as well as warm, friendly and affordable maintenance creating a positive experience for our commercial and residential customers in the San Diego, Escondido, and throughout California. 

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